Meet the Staff

Our Team

We are only as good as the staff that make our work possible. At Center for Change, our medical and clinical staff are unparalleled in the depth and breadth of their expertise in treating the physical and emotional complexities of eating disorders. This professional team is dedicated to providing the most effective treatment possible for recovery from eating disorders. Our skilled clinical staff combines the best therapy techniques and methods to create the greatest potential for long-term recovery. All of our team members are committed, compassionate and understanding of each client’s needs, and they work together to provide healing and hope for those whose lives have been torn apart by an eating disorder.

Treatment Team


  • Hope Medley, CHES
  • LaDonna Gale
  • Pam Kidd

Business Development

  • Kari Jacobson
  • Krista Lample, M.Ed
  • Nikki Rollo, PhD, LMFT
  • Norman Kim, Ph.D
  • Tamara Noyes


  • Aislinn Kelly Burke, LMFT
  • Amy Harman, LMFT, MS
  • H. Mac Granley, PhD
  • Hannah Hammond, LCSW
  • Julie B. Clark, PhD, Licensed Psychologist
  • Kim Crossley, LCSW
  • Melissa Taylor, LMFT, CEDS
  • Michael E. Berrett, PhD, CEO, Licensed Psychologist
  • Nicole Hawkins, PhD, Licensed Psychologist
  • Sarah Hubbard, PhD
  • Shannon Ricks, AMFT


  • Candace Woodbury, RD, CD
  • Jennifer Gill, RD, CD
  • Kelsey Rich, MS, RD, CD
  • Kendra Manwill, RD, CD
  • Leah Kirschbaum, RD, CD
  • Megan Thacker, RD, CD

Direct Care

  • Claire Momberger
  • Kathy Spencer


  • Elayne McArthur
  • Julie Bouche
  • Kay Gingras
  • Ryan Newman

Experiential Therapy

  • Alta Swarnes TRS, CTRS
  • LeAnne Tolley, ERYT, CHES
  • Lynette L. Taylor, MT-BC
  • Rebekah Price, TRS, CTRS


  • Bobbi Condie
  • Gay Jones
  • Jordan Anderson

Human Resources

  • Robert W. Clark, SPHR

Medical & Nursing

  • Drew Ellsworth, RN, MSN
  • Greg Ellis, MD
  • Sabrina Jarvis, DNP, FNP-BC, ACNP-BC, FAANP
  • Stacey Pearson, RN, MS, PMHNP-BC


  • P. Scott Richards, PhD