Individualized Treatment

At Center for Change, you are not just another admission, another name in a chart. Each and every client is assigned a team of compassionate experts to create an evidence-based treatment plan as unique as the individual. From our licensed master’s-level or PhD-level clinicians, registered dietitians and psychiatrists to our nurses, experiential therapists and care technicians, your team provides the continuity of care you need to succeed in recovery. Guided by an expert team of professionals committed to your recovery, you’ll begin to heal from the inside out and experience freedom as uniquely wonderful as YOU.

Our Levels of Care

We are a place of hope and healing that is committed to helping adults and adolescents break free and fully recover from their eating disorders. Center for Change uses a multidisciplinary approach with specialized and intensive treatment help for eating disorder patients under the care of a supportive and experienced staff. We offer comprehensive eating disorder programs — from acute inpatient, residential care, and day and evening programs to outpatient services and aftercare. Most importantly, Center for Change offers a loving and safe environment where individuals can reclaim their lives.

Therapies We Offer

Center for Change uses complementary method therapy for eating disorders to help the whole person through the eating disorder treatment healing process. This multimodal approach ensures a comprehensive and individualized experience which builds self-esteem and confidence, and increases long-term recovery success.

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