Family Therapy is a critical part of treatment at Center for Change. We help patients and their families heal through family involvement in the recovery process. Therapists help patients and their families explore family rules, boundaries, structure, communication styles, responsibility and effective coping strategies that can help restore harmony and foster improved communication within the family.

In eating disorder treatment, the Family Therapy process helps to educate and guide family members in learning how to best support their loved one as they are learning and practicing new skills towards recovery. Patients and family members work together, under the guidance of a skilled therapist, to address difficult issues and move forward in the healing process. Family Therapy is required weekly with adolescents and as needed with adults.

Family Therapy Week, held monthly at the Center, provides intensive and extensive family therapy and eating disorder education, including multiple-family group therapy and family ropes course experiences. It is a chance for family members to spend time with their loved one who is in treatment, to get an “insider” view of our program and to actively participate in therapeutic experiences designed to help families and clients support one another in recovery.

Family Week consists of eating disorder psychoeducation groups, dietary education, multifamily therapy eating disorder groups, recreation therapy and experiential therapy groups focused on helping families learn, experience, communicate, change and grow together.