Why Choose Center for Change?

We understand how difficult it can be to seek treatment for yourself or a loved one. The following information is provided to assist you in making an informed decision, so you can find the best treatment option for your situation. We hope these details about Center for Change’s personal commitment and our clinical programs is helpful during the research process. The decision of where to receive treatment is an important one, and we believe that once you discover the Center for Change difference, you’ll see that we are the right choice to help you recover.

Clinical & Medical Expertise

Center for Change is a specialized eating disorder treatment center with a more than 20-year history of helping others heal. Our specialty is the treatment of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating, and we have developed and refined a complete program over the years that addresses every aspect of recovery for those suffering with an eating disorder. Our medical and clinical staff are unparalleled in the depth and breadth of their expertise in treating the physical and emotional complexities of this illness.

Loving Care by Dedicated Staff

Center for Change has a long-term commitment to therapeutic integrity. We put the quality of care of every patient ahead of any other consideration. Center for Change employs a large number of highly trained and qualified staff members because we have learned from experience in working with eating disorders that structure and interventions personally given from a large group of loving, dedicated and talented people is what creates the atmosphere and environment for change and recovery. Our care is personal and emotionally supportive. There is no other treatment facility that provides this level of treatment intensity and personal involvement by this large a number of staff members in the care and treatment of adolescents and adults suffering with eating disorders.

Highest Standards of Quality

Center for Change adheres to the highest standards of treatment provided by experts in the clinical field of eating disorders, and that quality is maintained through our accreditation with The Joint Commission (TJC), a status which dates back to 1998.

Intensive and Individualized Treatment

Patients are active and busy in the process of change and recovery every day at the Center as they engage in intensive programs customized specifically to their unique needs. All of this individualized treatment and group work is designed to help each patient prepare themselves while at Center for Change to successfully resume a normal life and maintain their progress and recovery after they have left the Center.

Broad Spirituality

The Center’s holistic approach to treating the mind, body and spirit includes helping each client use their own spiritual beliefs to aid them in their recovery. While the Center is a rigorous medical and clinical program, we recognize and honor the truth that spirituality is an important part of recovery and, therefore, an important part of treatment. Our non-denominational approach is designed for individuals of various religious faiths or spiritual frameworks, and we continually seek to provide a safe environment for spiritual self-awareness, spiritual renewal and spiritual support.

Highly Successful Dietary Approach

Center for Change was the first treatment program to fully implement the Intuitive Eating Recovery Model with eating disorder patients. This model teaches and assists each patient, over the course of their treatment, to trust themselves and their bodies with food. Through ongoing challenges, experiences and education received from their highly trained eating disorder dietitian, the patient learns how to have a normal relationship with food without the fear, obsession, guilt or anxiety associated with an eating disorder. They learn to be accepting and “in touch” with themselves and their bodies so food becomes a normal and positive part of their lives.

Integration of Education and Therapy

BooksCenter for Change fully integrates therapeutic and educational programs together so that the high school principal, education director, counselors and teachers are actively connected and involved with the clinical team and programs. Center for Change’s licensed high school, Cascade Mountain High, is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). We provide core curriculum classes for adolescent patients from seventh through twelfth grades as well as many elective courses taught by exceptional certified teachers.

Commitment to Research, Training and Publication

Center for Change has been committed from the very beginning to research, professional training and publication in the specialty area of eating disorders. We have published many articles in professional journals from research conducted at Center for Change, and have published an American Psychological Association bestseller, Spiritual Approaches In the Treatment of Women With Eating Disorders. We have provided professional and educational trainings and workshops throughout the United States and Canada to support therapists, physicians, teachers, dietitians and counselors in the treatment and prevention of eating disorders. Through our research efforts, we are committed to being on the cutting edge of treatment and recovery of those with this serious illness.

Long-term Dedication to Recovery

Center for Change has a very comprehensive and cost-effective treatment program for adolescents and adults suffering with eating disorders. We provide the intensive structure and care that patients need at the beginning of their treatment and have the tools to help them through every stage of their recovery and into aftercare. The program can be individualized and adapted to the specific needs of each patient, even while they engage in the overall treatment program.

We hope this information will be helpful to you in your search for expert treatment for you or your loved one. This information may also generate further questions about the care and treatment given at Center for Change. We would love to talk to you in more detail about what we can provide for those struggling with an eating disorder. Call us today at 888-224-8250.