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The effects of eating disorders are felt far beyond the person suffering from the illness. It may be the one engaged in these behaviors suffering from depression, anxiety, self-contempt, social fears, and many other possible complications, but it’s also the people that love and care for them who are full of constant worry and concern.

We understand the dilemma in finding the best care available for you or your loved one. With so many eating disorder center options accessible, it may be difficult to decide which eating disorder treatment center is best for your individual situation. At Center for Change, our staff of experts empathize with your desire for the best treatment options for eating disorders as well as affordable options. Let us help you in your search and assist you in finding what will be the best benefit for you or your loved one.

Take a tour of Center for Change.

Our beautiful 56,000 square foot eating disorder clinic and living space is found tucked just below the magnificent Wasatch Mountains in Orem Utah. Situated on private property for maximum privacy we’ve taken great care to create an atmosphere that is peaceful and tranquil where patients feel welcomed and at home.

The theory behind the environment.

Research has found that eating disorder treatment facilities that have cold, sterile settings can be off-putting for some patients, and even frightening for others. At Center for Change we know that a safe, warm, home-like environment helps patients feel more comfortable as they engage in the hard work of fighting the eating disorder.

Founded in 1994, by a team of psychologists and a physician with much history together, Center for Change began its mission to heal women from the inside out. The message of “hope is real” can be found woven through the entirety of the treatment experience. Our specially selected experts are committed to helping each girl or woman get back their life and restore a sense of freedom that may have been absent for far too long.

Learn more about our eating disorder treatment centers and our different treatment options by calling 888.224.8250 and speaking with a caring staff member today.

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"Thank you for creating such a safe and loving environment. Being here has changed my life: I am leaving this program loving myself for who I am and recognizing that I have a lot to offer this world."
Former Patient
"Thank you! I didn't think that after having my ED for more than 17 years I could recover. I now have hope for a brighter and truly happy future."
Former Patient

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