Although a large majority of individuals are displeased with their bodies, many adults and adolescents experience extreme body image difficulties that can be part of more complicated problems. These extreme body image disturbances include body dysmorphic disorder, eating disorders and severe depression. Since negative body image is a prevalent problem for many individuals and can also be a component of many serious disorders, it is critical that individuals learn to change their body image toward a healthy and positive view of self.

At Center for Change we have developed a comprehensive body image therapy group curriculum devoted to helping adolescents and adults learn to accept and appreciate their bodies. This group challenges the negative messages regarding people’s bodies that come from the media and peers. They learn skills which help them to stop blaming their bodies and to recognize the beliefs and feelings that lead to negative body-image and eating disorder patterns.

Read Nicole Hawkins’ nationally recognized article “Battling Our Bodies: Understanding and Overcoming Negative Body Images.