Paying for Treatment

InsuranceCenter for Change strives to offer the best treatment available with manageable, cost-effective ways to pay for it. Like most low-cost treatment centers, we work with insurance as much as possible. Whether your insurance plan lists Center for Change as in-network or out-of-network, our admissions department staff is happy to call and check your coverage and explain how it will work for you. We also highly recommend you call your insurance representative, so you’ll understand the benefits and limitations of your policy.

Having insurance does not guarantee payment, and having mental health benefits does not guarantee authorization for treatment. Usually, insurance requires clinical information to be provided to them within 24 hours after admission before they will authorize or approve care. If your insurance company authorizes admission, they will request clinical updates as the client progresses through the program, something our staff is experienced at providing. This allows insurance providers to determine if they will continue to authorize and if the client continues to meet their criteria for care.

There are cases where insurance does not authorize as much time as we think our patients need in order to heal. If insurance stops authorizing care, but continued treatment is needed, the patient has the option to continue in the program and pay privately for care. We offer discounts for patients who do not have insurance and will be paying privately. However, we do not offer payment on a sliding scale. Ultimately, financial responsibility lies with the client and/or their family.

For 24-hour care, the daily program rates include all visits with Center for Change staff, meals and school for adolescents. It does not include the cost of medication, the processing of labs or any outside treatment needed.

Basic Criteria for Admission:

  • Adolescents and adults
  • Primary diagnosis of eating disorder
  • Co-existing mental and emotional illness
  • Dependents must be between 13-20 years of age
  • Dependents must have weekly family therapy with referring professional, parents, client and Center for Change therapist during treatment

Referrals require the following:

  • Release of Information
  • Patient mental health and medical history (verbal or written)
  • Current medications
  • Recent lab results

Other Financial Resources:

The Manna Scholarship Fund

Project Heal

Mary Rose Foundation


TRICARE® Certified Treatment

Center for Change is a certified TRICARE® provider for the Residential (RTC), Partial Hospitalization (PHP), and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) levels of care.  TRICARE® offers PHP and IOP benefits for active duty service members, dependents, and retirees with no age restriction.  TRICARE® offers Residential (RTC) benefits for family members and eligible dependents of retirees through the age of 20.  We are able to accept TRICARE® for the Acute Inpatient level of care for active duty service members of any age with Command referral and authorization on a single case agreement basis. Click HERE for more info.

TRICARE® is a registered trademark of the Department of Defense, Defense Health Agency. All rights reserved.