Programmed for Success

Center for Change was built with one core mission in mind: to heal individuals struggling with eating disorders from the inside out. Toward that end goal, we’ve built a team of experts who not only understand the complexities of these disorders and how to heal them, but also understand how overwhelming the process of finding treatment can be for those already in crisis. That, too, is why we’re here: to help explain the options and resources available so you can be confident in choosing the treatment program that is right for you.

One Comprehensive Program for a Variety of Disorders

Eating disorders manifest in many different ways, but they are all characterized by eating patterns that disrupt a person’s mental, physical and emotion health. At Center for Change, we are equipped to address a wide range or eating disorders with our three-step program for adolescents and adults to help guide them towards a full recovery. First, we work to restore physical health from the damages of weight loss and severe dieting and purging; second, we treat psychological disturbances such as low self-esteem, interpersonal conflicts, and distortion of body images; and finally, we help clients achieve long-term remission or full recovery.

At Center for Change, you are involved in every step of the process — whether inpatient, residential or outpatient — throughout your entire stay. Along the way, you’ll encounter others with stories both similar to and different from your own, individuals who, like you, are discovering that hope is real and freedom is possible.