At Center for Change, we value all treatment professionals committed to bringing about healing. From our extensive research and educational webinars for professionals to our referral process and relationships with other treatment experts, we believe we’re better when we work together. Read on for professional resources and information on our referral process and checking on patients.

Research at Center for Change

The Center for Change eating disorder treatment program is based on cutting-edge research into eating disorders. The Center also conducts and publishes its own research on eating disorders, including on-going treatment outcome research. As new innovations in treating disorders are proven effective, they are incorporated into the Center for Change treatment program to enhance its effectiveness. For more information on the Center’s research, visit our Research page. Learn More


For information on upcoming educational Webinars, visit our Webinars page.

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Referring a Client

Potential patients are not required to have a referral from a professional to look into or to be admitted to Center for Change, but we value the recommendations and insight that a potential patient’s outpatient team can provide. For information on our basic criteria for admission, information needed from referral sources and details of the referral process, go to our Patient Referral Form. Learn More

Checking on a Client

When a patient admits, we will encourage them to sign releases of information so that we can communicate with their outpatient team —particularly if the patient intends to continue working with their outpatient providers once they discharge from Center for Change. A copy of the release will be sent to the outpatient therapist and dietitian, along with contact information for the patient’s Center for Change team. Outpatient providers will also be given the patient’s security code which will allow the outpatient provider to get in contact with the patient and their CFC team. In some circumstances, the CFC therapist may call the outpatient therapist to coordinate a therapy session involving both providers. If a patient is transferring to the Center from a hospital or another program, Center for Change will request and reviews records from the patient’s stay at that program. When a professional refers a patient, we are happy to check insurance benefits on a patient and inform that professional about coverage specifics. If the patient is willing, we will do an assessment to determine which level of care is appropriate for her. Patients can admit directly to inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, independent living or intensive outpatient, depending on their assessment. We will also take into consideration the recommendation of the outpatient therapist. While a client is in our program, the assigned Center for Change therapist and dietitian will be in contact with her outpatient providers to give them updates on her progress and to gather information from them. This creates an environment of continuity so that when the patient returns to her outpatient provider, they are already aware of her progress and status. After a patient has discharged, her Center for Change treatment team will continue to periodically touch base with the patient’s outpatient treatment team. We like to follow up with our patients in order to help their transition home as seamless as possible, to track their progress and recovery and also to offer the outpatient therapist support with valuable discharge information.