Former Patient Testimonials

In all honesty, Center For Change has helped me regain so many things that the eating disorder has taken from me, most importantly I’ve regained my voice and my ability to do what is best for me. Center for Change created a safe place for me to struggle, have melt downs, process trauma, cry, and recover. The staff, therapists, and dieticians are all there to help you when you reach out for support! I’m so grateful for my treatment team that I had while there to help me make the decisions for recovery! Thank you CFC!

Center for Change literally saved my life. They have so many amazing therapists there and are one of the best treatment centers in the nation

“CFC is an intensive treatment facility designed to help recover people who are struggling with a deadly mental illness. I was admitted to CFC in 2014 and again in 2015 and received all levels of care (inpatient, RTC, IOP, and PHP). Sometimes I loved the groups, staff, and other patients and other times I did not. Even at its worst, CFC provided me with my first opportunity to experience what recovery could feel like, the chance to make friends and connect with others, and to value myself. To be honest, treatment was excruciating and many times I doubted recovery could be worth that amount of work and pain. However, I’ve been in recovery for 4 years and at this point my only regret is that I waited to seek treatment and suffered from this disease for 13 years while I could have been experiencing life and freedom and happiness. Now I have a healthy marriage, I have two healthy daughters, and I live my life free of the restrictions and captivity of my eating disorder which are all things that never could have been possible without this facility. If you are willing to do the work, I could not recommend CFC more.”

“My daughter has been through all of their programs and we feel grateful to have this facility so close to home. I felt like the staff cares not only for the patient but also for the family. The family days sessions they hold each month contain a wealth of valuable information. The classes helped me to learn more about what my daughter was dealing with and taught my husband and I a lot of valuable information. Treatment is not a “one size fits all” so The Center for Change May not be the best fit for everyone who enters the program, but please be aware that the center will do everything possible to help your loved one work towards recovery. CFC has been a gift to our family.”