What to Expect

When someone is living with an eating disorder, the struggle reaches far deeper than weight loss. Anxiety, depression and self-contempt all take a seat at the table, and everyone in that person’s life shares in their pain. Perhaps that’s why you’re here, reading this. You’re ready to take that first step toward a place where things start getting better. But just how does the process work? Let us show you.

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Getting Started

Step 1: Make the Call – A caring member of the admissions department will gather information about the potential client, answer any initial questions, share important information about our programs and verify insurance coverage. Step 2: Schedule an Assessment – The assessment is an hour-long interview, either in person or over the phone, conducted by one of the Center’s experienced therapists. This evaluation allows our treatment specialists to recommend a level of care. Step 3: Schedule the Admission – If it is determined that Center for Change is the right fit, an admissions member will help the patient select a date and time for admission. Destination: Admission Day – On the day of admission, the patient will arrive at a specified time set by the admission staff member and the patient in advance. More...

Paying for Treatment

Center for Change strives to offer the best treatment available with manageable, cost-effective ways to pay for it. There is already a lot of emotion involved in deciding to seek help, and we don’t want financial concerns to add additional stress. Our admissions team is experienced at working with insurance providers and will do all they can to secure the highest amount of coverage allowed. We are also TRICARE certified.