Eating disorders are complex illnesses and are often accompanied by medical concerns such as malnutrition, complications due to purging, dizziness/falling, re-feeding risk (electrolyte imbalance), cardiac abnormalities, diabetes (“diabulimia”) and more. Center for Change is uniquely equipped to treat the psychiatric and medical complications that present along with the eating disorder symptoms and behaviors.

Upon admission, the Center conducts an extensive evaluation and assessment of each patient’s strengths, struggles and needs in all major arenas of functioning: physical, medical, dietary, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. Treatment plans from that assessment lead to multidisciplinary approaches and treatments which facilitate medical and psychological stabilization and provide specialized structure for managing eating disorder symptoms and patterns. The Center provides 24-hour nursing, inpatient psychiatric care daily and weekly for residential patients and medical rounding six days per week for those in inpatient care and weekly for residential patients. Medical care and psychiatric medications are provided based upon the individual needs of every patient.