Carly Erickson MPH

Family Educator and Famly Education Days Facilitator

Carly is a public health professional who is passionate about supporting and educating the “village” around patients battling eating disorders to improve treatment outcomes, as well as improving community education and public policy to increase prevention and early intervention. Carly has worked with and taught adolescent community groups since 2010, and became particularly concerned about trends in adolescent mental health, especially in girls, as well as how society views and treats these issues–which led her to finding her passion in public health. She first came to Center For Change as an attendee at Family Education Days (FED) in 2018, and she was impressed by the way Center For Change advocates for improvement and access to all aspects of treatment from a patient/family level up to a national level. Carly graduated from the University of Arizona with her Masters in Public Health concentrating in Health Behavior and Health Promotion, where she received an outstanding graduate student award for her internship work at Center For Change.  She specializes in studying the relationship between social media and eating disorders, connecting families and support team members with resources, and engaging with state and national programs to pass better public policy for mental health and eating disorders. Carly now attends Family Education Days (FED) as a facilitator and educator who loves to help meet our patients’ support team and help give them resources they need to be an ally in recovery. Carly and her husband have four children in various sports, music lessons and activities, so most of her spare time is spent in the car. When she isn’t being a taxi, Carly crochets, takes glass pulling classes, and geeks out about rock and roll history with anyone who wants to talk with her about music.