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Monday, December 21, 2015

Rec Therapy

“People whose play lives have been vibrant, have buffers against travail and suffer less when major change is thrust upon them. Play produces poise and strength. Consummate players can better meet these changes with grace. Play allows us to embrace and even sculpt the contours of our fates with an ironic humor and a sense of sharing in our common humanity. The lifelong player remembers this and can feel it even in the moments of grief, loss, and suffering. This view of life gives us a strength and courage in the face of the suffering and unfairness of the world. If we continue to play together, we will always be able to find emotional closeness, always be able to find novelty, and make discoveries, not only about those we love, but also about ourselves.” –Stuart Brown (Director of the National Institute of Play)

This week Recreation and Experiential Therapies groups will focus on an attitude of play, provide opportunities be silly and be open to others in a safe environment, and experience vibrancy and variety that can lead to a joyful life.