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Dear Friends & Colleagues,

On behalf of our staff I am pleased to announce that Center for Change now offers a short-term inpatient triage and stabilization program to address the changing needs of the eating disorder community. We have added this service to meet the needs of families who may have limited financial resources and/or limited insurance benefit coverage.

Over the years we have held a philosophy of “treating to outcome” and providing an optimal length of stay that most benefits the patient, and we continue to offer and encourage that treatment option. We recognize, however, that an ideal length of stay is not always possible. Therefore, we want to provide referral sources and families a multitude of options to best meet their needs.

Patients who may benefit from the short-term inpatient triage program include:

◊ Those who are actively engaged in treatment with a solid and consistent outpatient treatment team but who may be going through a particularly difficult time and require stabilization.
◊ Patients who are in a partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program who are deteriorating and need some short-term stabilization with the intent to return to structured care.
◊ Patients who are in need of intensive medical and clinical stabilization, treatment triage, and aftercare recommendations.
◊ Patients who need inpatient care but whose insurance or personal financial resources will not allow longer term intensive care.
◊ Patients who would otherwise be treated for their eating disorder on a general psychiatric unit or hospital medical floor that does not provide the structure, behavioral intervention, and specialization of an eating disorder program.

We feel it an honor to be able to work with the wonderful adolescent and adult women that we treat, and we are excited to be able to add this new service to our full continuum of care. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our admissions team at 1-888-224-8250.

With Gratitude,

Michael E. Berrett, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
CEO, Director and Co-Founder of Center for Change