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Author: Anne

It starts with just a few pounds.
Then just a few pounds more.
And more…..
Will it ever be enough?
But, I can handle this.
I am the master of my ship.
I am in control.
Yet, all too soon,
It feels so wrong.
Caught in a
Downward spiral,
Gasping for air.
Deeper and deeper
The waters pull me down
Into the darkness,
The isolation,
The lonliness.
Will anyone hear my cry?
Will anyone grab my hand?
Caught in a world between
Life and death,
A life line is thrown.
Shall I grab it?
The darkness
Has become a place of refuge.
No thoughts,
No feelings
Can enter it.
Even the pain seems gone.
Yet, I can still choose.
I grab a hold.
Outside of the spiral,
I truly am master of my ship.
In spite of steps forward and stumbles back,
I choose the way,
One day,
One moment at a time.