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As women in the modern world, we are constantly being measured up to society’s expectations. We are taught from the time we are young that as we strive to be what the world expects us to be, we will inherit a plethora of  friends, money, status, relationships, and success. We are told by society what we are here for. According to the world, we are made to look pretty, please everyone around us, maintain specific body types, stay up to date with constantly changing trends and fashion, and make it all look easy.

Unlock your potentialIt is time we shed the expectations of a destructive society. It is time we acknowledge our qualities and passions that come from within.

It is time we remember that we are made for something more.

As I child I was filled with dreams and aspirations: none of which had to do with a certain physical appearance or vain endeavors. I was concerned with playing and feeling joy, learning and gaining knowledge, and growing and nurturing myself to better fuel my abilities. Within the past few years, this is a pursuit that I have began to chase again. To turn away from the vain and temporary pursuits and instead fill myself with passions and pleasures to last a lifetime.

Although we try, it is difficult to change the society and culture that encourages self-destruction. We must find the will and desire within us to listen to our authentic selves- the self that knows what we are made to become. Let us filter our pursuits to pursue only that which fills the soul. Let us pursue things that will not just look good on the outside, but will feel good on the inside. Let us focus on our minds and how to best nourish them so that we may become more knowledgeable and continue growing. May we chase the things that matter so that we may become people who care about important things. 

Author Mel Wells wrote on the pursuit of that which counts:

“You are so much more than your body, ladies. You were not put on this planet to obsess over reaching your goal weight, fret over your mealtimes, and count your calories and macros until the day you die. Stop playing so small, you are massively underestimating your human potential…”

By Allie
Lead Care Tech