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By: Angela Hobbs

It wasn’t long before I came into the Center that I was driving in a really bad thunder storm. The rain was so thick that the windshield wipers were practically useless. I could hardly see the road. I remember slowing down to 25 MPH. Besides the bad rain, there was thunder and lightening. It was dark and I could feel the car start to fish tail. I was really scared, and felt alone. After what seemed to be days of driving, the rain slowly stopped. I remember the lightening disappearing and the sun slowly appearing from behind the clouds. I remember feeling safe and secure. The storm did not last forever, it stopped.

When I first came into Center for Change, I felt as if I was once again driving in that thunder storm. I didn’t know what the future might bring. I was scared and once again alone. I have been faced with unimaginable obstacles and challenges. I didn’t know whether to give up or prevail to the end. There were many days I wanted to pack my bags and leave. It seemed as if nothing helped. I would pray constantly, try to be positive, or act humorous. When all those mechanisms failed me, I had nothing to turn to. Slowly though, the sun came up inside my soul and the storm within my mind stopped.

As I look back and reflect upon my life, I can’t think of a time when I have been much happier than now. I am able to do things that I was once afraid to do. I can face crowds, look people in the eye with confidence, voice my opinions, and climb the highest mountain.

Never give up on yourself or your life. I know that there are adventures we have not yet discovered, friendships waiting to happen, dreams coming true, and a happier lifestyle. I and most of you don’t want to live in a path of self-destruction, hatred, pain, and sorrow. Imagine all the joy you and I will feel when we are once again able to live.

Now, I just have a quick poem that I’d like you to read:


I am me
And that’s all I ever want to be.
I love to laugh, I love to play
And I always think first about what to say.
Sometime people laugh and call me names,
But I won’t play their silly games.
I stand up strong and tall
Believing I can conquer all.
At times I feel afraid
To face the world God has made,
But I know everyday is precious
As I strive to make my life more delicious.
At times I cry when I see a child who has nowhere to live.
I wish all I have and own, to him I could give.
I wish more people would care,
To give up one little thing and to share.
The world would be a much better place,
If everyone wore a bright smiling face.
There are times I have trials and struggles,
If I’m positive, I can get through those troubles.
Sometimes I feel I need to become better,
But I’m not the greatest goal setter.
I do know who I am,
That’s all that matters as long as I’m doing the best I can!
I am just a plain, ordinary girl named Angie,
And that’s why I like being me!