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By: Nikki Hartman – Former Patient

When I walked into Center for Change, I was sure there was no hope. I had tried to change everything around me and nothing had worked. While at the Center I came to the realization that all I could really change is the way I perceived and reacted to everything around me. It has not been easy but it’s working. I feel now as I never have before. I will live a great life, but before this process could begin I had to take a good look within myself to see the things I needed to change… I must strive every day to become the woman I have the potential to be.

There is light outside the darkness, but to find it we must all look within ourselves, listen to what we have to say, and stand strongly on what you believe. You must envision a goal and through everything keep that vision in sight. Lean on that vision through all the hard times. It will pull you through. You will waiver in your emotions but never waiver in your goal. This will bring you the strength you need to recover, I promise.