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By: a 26-Year-Old

I would like to write a letter of hope to all you wonderful women sitting before me. I would like to just tell you how wonderful of a place the Center Of Change is. The Center is a very special place filled with spirituality, caring, compassion, support, and most of all love. I want to thank the staff for everything they have done for me. Each individual has helped me in a very big way. I appreciate everyone’s love, commitment, and support for me. This has been a very hard and long journey for me, but each of you have made it a great learning experience. I am very excited to say that I have found who she is, what she is like, and what she has to offer people. I am leaving the Center with an entirely new view on life and the world. This feels so good and real!

Over the eight weeks, I have seen many girls come and go. I have had the pleasure to experience the struggles and accomplishments each has made. It is very comforting to me to see how each resident has grown to realize that she is a loving, caring, and worthy being. I am very lucky to have come to the Center when I did. I know in my heart that it was meant for me to be here with all of you. It was also the right time in my life. None of us were put here by a coincidence. It was meant for each of us to be here at this time of our lives.

I would like to share my excitement, courage, and outlook on life with each and every one of you. I came in with a mind filled with denial, fright, and scepticism. I have found that every girl who came to the Center during my time here has had the same attitude. Every one of you are very strong and courageous for making the commitment to come here. The choice was ours alone. No one made us come here. Our eating disorders have completely overcome our lives. It is impossible to fight this alone. I would like to commend everyone for their warm hearts and willingness to change. I am now leaving the Center with a mind filled with love, hope, inspiration, confidence, security, trust, and compassion.

I hope that everyone is completely committed to change. It is either a choice of”yes” or “no”. There is no grey area in this decision. It is either black or white. I hope that everyone is able to work through their issues that are hindering their course of recovery. I believe that with your therapist, each other, and God, you will find the answers you have ben searching for. I hope that each of you continues to believe in yourselves and never, ever give up. There is so much out there waiting for you to accomplish and to enjoy. It is very important to establish a support group for yourself. Remember, you cannot and do not have to fight the battle alone. Let others into your life. Please have a plan for when you leave the center. This plan needs to include: follow-up therapy, a dietician, and most of all support! There will be many decisions to be made when you leave, but I want you to take one at a time. Take each day one at a time. Everything will work out eventually as long as you continue to strive for what you want.

I know that each of you possess the determination and spunk to fight this battle. I guarantee you that it is not easy, but the end is well worth the fight. I am very happy with the person you see before you. I had been searching for her for many, long years. I hope that you soon come to realize the beautiful and unique person each of you are. I know that there will be many rough times out there in the big world, but there is nothing that you or I cannot handle. Be sure to stop and look at each situation from both sides. Everything in life revolves around your choice. We do or do not have to do anything we do or do not want to do. Remember that there is no wrong choice in life. Each choice will bring about a learning experience whether it be good or bad. I hope that you remember to feel the fear and to do it anyway. Life stinks living with the fear of “What if?”. Please do not waste your time or energy asking this question. As the famous commercial says: “Just Do It!”

I can only wish the very best for each and everyone of you. I know that you can conquer your battles and will end up victorious. I hope that you find the peace and harmony in your life that each of you deserve. God has given you a precious life and body. Please continue to respect your body and treat it with care. I hope that when you leave the Center, you will continue to teach others, continue to learn each day, and continue to feel and know the power you have.

I hope that I was a good leader for you and set the right examples. I feel very confident in the progress I have made at the Center. I want everyone to know that I am always here for you. I have a listening ear and a loving heart. Leadership is very important. You will continue to become stronger and wiser every day. The day will soon come when you become the leader and will teach others. Many of you are well on your way. I know that when I leave the Center things will not be “perfect”. This word is no longer part of my vocabulary, and should not be a part of yours. Each day will be a learning experience for me. I have the tools that I need to make the right and healthy choices for myself. I hope that you take these tools as well and use them to the very best of your abilities. Always remember to never give up! You are worth every penny, minute, and risk that it took for you to get here. I love you guys with all my heart. I will never forget your smiling faces or awesome support and encouragement.