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By Quinn Nystrom, MS

I walked into an appointment today, and they shouted, “Happy 25th Birthday Quinn!” They were joking, of course. I’m not turning 25; I’m celebrating my 37th birthday. A badge I wear with honor! Every hill I’ve had to climb, every hurdle I’ve had to overcome, I’m damn proud that I’m still alive and well. For many years though, I hid from myself. I hated myself. My eating disorder was a punishment for a body that I felt kept failing me.

My doom and gloom carried over to the dreaded holiday of Valentine’s Day. It seemed like such a manufactured holiday. I also preferred the single life, so I resented it. Some years I would buy myself the heart shape Papa Murphy’s pizza, or other years I’d get a chocolate heart and a hammer to smash, and other years, I bought an insect to be named after an ex and then have it get smashed, as all of the ways to celebrate. I also wore all black like I was attending a funeral. When I was in treatment for my eating disorder, I first learned about Brene Brown’s work. One of my favorite quotes from her is:

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.”

Life is not perfect, but I’m a beautiful work in progress. It’s been a process for me of figuring out how to own my story, what that story is, and learning how to love myself. Here are some of the tips that I try to live by to continue to prioritize myself and work on self-love:

1. Don’t let the critics get to you.

2. Don’t compare!

3. Nobody’s life is perfect; accept that mistakes will happen.

4. The number on a scale should never wrap up your worth.

5. Start a gratitude journal and reflect quarterly.

6. Do estimable acts.

On Valentine’s Day this year, I may wear something other than all black, I won’t buy any bugs to smash, and I’ll spend the day surrounded by the people I love the most.