By: Julie B. Clark, PhD

Please note that this is an Archived article and may contain content that is out of date.

The lyrics to a song from Anastasia give an apt description of the journey of healing – the fear, the hope, the reunion with the love of those who are excited and longing to give it, the courage to see the journey through and know that the road to recovery is worth taking! I have seen women cry, and I have seen their families and friends cry as they cling to one another at the beginning of treatment, during treatment, and at the crossroad as they leave Center for Change. Being a part of this process of beginning life anew brings great joy to the hearts of staff at the Center.

Heart don’t fail me now,
Courage don’t desert me,
Don’t turn back now that we’re here.

People always say,
Life is full of choices,
No one ever mentions fear.

Or how a road can seem so long,
How the world can seem so vast…
Courage see me through,

Heart I’m trusting you,
On this journey,
To the past,

Somewhere down this road,
I know someone’s waiting,
Years of dreams just can’t be wrong.

Arms will open wide,
I’ll be safe and wanted,

Finally home where I belong.
Well starting here my life begins,
Starting now I’m learning fast,

Courage see me through,
Heart I’m trusting you,
On this journey, to the past.

The journey to recovery is a challenging and difficult road filled with many bumps and turns along the way. Fortunately for those who choose to take this road, the beauty of renewed life and the joy of renewed relationships are the reward. The staff at Center for Change salute the courage and strength of our clients and their loved ones. This issue of our newsletter is devoted to honoring the accomplishments and the experiences of the many women and their loved ones who have sought a place for recovery and healing at Center for Change. We are pleased to share with you the gift of their “letters of hope and encouragement”. The women write these letters at the end of their stay at the Center and usually read them to the group during their Good-Bye Ceremony. The letters are an expression of hope and their deep desire to share that hope and courage toward recovery with the women they have been in the trenches with during treatment. We are also pleased to share letters written by family members which reveal their feelings as they watched with hopeful eyes the road their loved ones would take.

Heart don’t fail me now,
Courage don’t desert me.

Home, Love, Family,
There was once a time I must
have had them too.

Home, love, family,
I will never be complete until I
find you….

One step at a time,
One hope then another,
Who knows where this road may

Back to who I was,
On to find my future,
Things my heart still needs to know.

Let this be a sign,
Let this road be mine,
Let it lead me to my past(future).

Courage see me through,
Heart I’m trusting you,
To bring me home.
At last, At last.

To all who suffer from this disabling disorder we send the hope of those who understand your journey. May God bless the efforts and desires of all of our hearts towards healing and recovery.