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Author: Allison

It’s been hell to go through. I know – I have been there. Everyone would say to me that I am hopeless and I am lost, confused and mislead. I have felt that way and so have each of you a thousand times over again. Now is the time to prove them wrong that you’re not just some little girl who has an eating disorder who can’t take care of herself. That’s not how we are or we will be. We are girls of strength, power and we rule our lives. We choose to be happy, sad, angry and to think our lives are full of crap. That’s not what we want. Each day is a new day we start fresh and we don’t want to be like everyone else. You don’t ever want to be like someone else’s dream because it’s not a reality for you. You are you and that is the way it is, and that is the best thing. If we fall, we get back up again. If we fail, we try again and again and girls we will make it through the storm. We are strong, beautiful, and we will succeed. Every time I thought I fell for trust it was another bruise. I learned to not trust but now that you all have walked into my life I have changed my plans. I thought I was a little bit stronger to hide this but the pain was too much for me to hold. Letting you know how I feel means letting go of my fears and I have come to let you know more about me than anyone has. You may think this is all talk but it’s not it’s the truth. Everything you have done for me, small or big, you have effected my life. I know there is so much more out there and what you’re looking for is anywhere out there but not in ED. Someday we will laugh about it no doubt. When I am down and blue you always get me with an “I love you.” We could quit and pout or scream and shout. I drop the tension and I don’t think twice. Imperfections are a fact of life. When we are wire thin instead of giving in, we got to give it all we got. I say that is what life is but remember we choose “never give up, never give in, you still have a life to live.”