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By: Unknown

10 New Year’s Resolutions You Will Want to Keep!

  1. Be Patient. You have to eat a lot of cereal before you find the free toy.
  2. Strategize. If you want a kitten, start out asking for a Jaguar.
  3. Be Flexible. That way you’ll never get bent out of shape.
  4. Embrace your greatness within. Objects in the mirror are greater than they appear.
  5. Steer your career. Your job is merely a tool to create a good life.
  6. Search for the Silver Lining. If you fall in a mud puddle, check your pockets for fish.
  7. Go ahead, make your day. If you can’t make your day, make someone else’s.
  8. Be a student of life. Pay attention, there are lessons all around you.
  9. Become a role model. Make choices that reflect the person you hope to be.
  10. See through eyes of love. Love casts a cheery glow that shines back on you.