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By: Unknown

This is the Survey used in the High Schools and was developed by Foundation for Change

Age _____ Sex _____ Height _____ Weight _____

Answer the following questions honestly. Write the number of your answer in the space at the left.
Use the following scale to respond to each question:


1. My eating habits are different from my friends.

2. I diet to lose weight.

3. I feel fat.

4. I weigh myself on the scale.

5. I worry about food and what I will or will not eat in a day.

6. I want to eat alone so no one can watch me eat.

7. I compare myself to other people.

8. I eat large amounts of food and I make myself vomit.

9. I use laxatives to control my weight.

10. I believe there is something wrong with how I look.

11. I want to be thinner than my friends.

12. I feel I have to do things perfectly.

13. I play games with food (e.g. lie about what I eat, hide food, cut food in small pieces, etc.).

14. My acceptance from the opposite sex is based on how thin I am.

15. People worry about my eating habits.

16. I dislike myself.

17. I feel I must exercise every day.

18. I miss meals to control my weight.

19. I eat the same foods every day.

20. My greatest fear is becoming fat.

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