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Dedicated to the past, present and future girls at Center for Change – You can make it through the darkness. You are all beautiful and inspirational. Believe it. I send my love to every one of you who reads this.

Stand with me

I’m the dead leaves of a weeping willow
An orchid so tired and fallen
A distant Star
Confused beyond imagination
Uncertain is the future ahead
Following me as my shadow does
I see a haunted path
Stand with me
I am afraid and shivering
It looms in front of my eyes in the black winter night.
It calls my name and seeps into my thoughts
Come, follow me
I promise eternal euphoria
Be without perceived imperfections
Without cares
With uniqueness all your own
I am deadly
But once you have me, no one can rob you of my safety
And you can follow me til your life has passed
Stand with me
I feel a blackout rushing upon me
I sense a sickness in my heart
A cancer in my soul
Stand with me
I feel my life fading
A second path beckons
Stand with me
I am shaky and my tears fall as the rain does
It is quiet and narrow
With the aspen trees playing their songs in the wind
It speaks to me softly and calms my ravaged soul
Come, follow me
I make no promises
But will offer a glimpse of hope and guidance
Choose happiness, not the black spiral of depression
Embrace your body, your spirit
Be grateful for every waking moment
Look for meaning and miracles
Feel everyone and everything are one
Live, not die
No one can take this sensation
Unless you consent
And you can follow me til your life has passed and beyond
Stand with me
I feel unsure beyond reason
I sense peace within
But my grip is loose
Life returns to my body
I want to live
Stand with me
I am still frightened
Stand with me
I know I’ll drive through the darkness
If you stand with me