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Honoring our Military Members & Families: A Personal Glimpse

By Michael E. Berrett, PhD

It was 1971. Graduation from high school for me was possible, but not certain. It was just around a few corners, and I was looking forward to life beyond high school but knew very little about the direction I wanted my life to take. I did want “peace” in the world but I hadn’t thought enough about what that meant or how that could happen. Then it came – my selective service card and draft number from the United States Military. I believed that my day would come to join others in the war in Vietnam, but the war ended before my draft number was up and my time as a soldier did not come.

Honestly, I don’t remember if I was relieved or disappointed. What I do know is that I was too complacent, and I took much for granted including living in this great land of the free. I did not yet know enough about loyalty, duty, courage, and honor. I had not yet listened and learned from my father, and from so many others, about the sacrifices made to defend the ideals of this great land.

The story of my father was different from mine. It had a different outcome, a different ending, a different impact. It was the Second World War. Battles were raging and soldiers were dying. My father joined the Army when he was 18 years old. He was scared, but resolute, as he felt it was his honor and his duty to make his personal contribution. By ship on the English Channel, by train into Germany, and on Tanks and by foot he found his way into the heart of the Battle of the Bulge. He experienced more than 120 days under fire. Eventually the Battle of the Bulge was won and the war was over. My father’s unit had lost 23 of the original 48 men. One half of his friends and brothers were killed by his side. It wasn’t acres of ground they had fought for. They had won a battle against evil, tyranny, and brutality. The war was won for the sake of suffering souls, and for us, their descendents. Our country and our allies were saved, and with it, freedom and liberty. The entire world has received the benefits of the sacrifice of those great men and women of the armed forces. Even at this very moment, the world is being blessed by our modern day American soldiers – these individual men and women of courage and honor – and their families who sacrifice so that we all can be free.

Four years ago, my dad passed away after a battle with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. I believe that he fought for his life in illness just as valiantly as he did during the Second World War. Though he shared little about his traumatic experience in war, he did share with all of us something more important. This he shared loudly, constantly and reverently: his love of God, his love of country, his love of freedom, and his gratitude for all the blessings which come from the sacrifices of brave men and women. And about those lessons from my father – I eventually listened and I have learned. I have shared this message with my children and grandchildren.

May God bless our service men and women, and their families, for the tremendous sacrifices that they make on our behalf. May we honor them always – in our hearts, in our choices, and in our actions.

With gratitude,

Dr. B

** NOTE: Dr. Michael E. Berrett is a Licensed Psychologist, CEO, Executive Director, and Co-founder of Center for Change.


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