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A couple days ago, during the holidays, just when we needed some inspiration and relief from momentary boredom, my son Sawyer and his girlfriend showed up at the house with a small tool box and a bag of goodies. These goodies were not for consumption, but rather for creation. They brought pencils, paper, linoleum blocks for print making, rollers, paint, and some quality card stock. As a family, we commenced the act of creation – we each made a few seasonal, original, and homemade greeting cards. They were lovely – each one, an original work of art, an expression of the soul. My heart prompted me to carve out a printing block which depicted the rising of the sun, the beginning of a new day. My thoughts were of the meaning of the season, and the newness of a year ahead – a new chance, a new chapter, a new opportunity to create in our lives what we want and who we will be, in coming days.

Jan 2014 SunI am grateful for the new chance to develop and refine me. The chance to spend my time how and where I want, the chance to put energy into whatever I choose, and to nurture those relationships which are calling to me. A chance to live my passion, a chance to live with passion, a chance to resurrect dreams, enact vision, and the chance for the creation of a life congruent with the meaning and purpose which the heart reveals. I am grateful not only for that chance for me, but for my clients, colleagues, friends, and family members – for each one living on this beautiful planet. What a wonderful time to contemplate power, choice, opportunity, possibility, and freedom. What a great time to ponder what Victor Frankl described as the last of all human freedoms “the will for meaning.” We do have another chance right now and ongoing, to impact circumstance, to make choices, to create reality for ourselves and our loved ones, and in the very least, to “choose our attitude in any given circumstance.”

This morning I went to our town recreation center to do a little walking and jogging. I was not alone. The place was full of eager folks – getting a jump on their new resolutions of fitness and their desire to take better care of their bodies in the coming year, than they had done in the past year. I felt a sense of belonging and a kin to those good people. I was one of them. We all were looking forward to a new chapter.

I sincerely hope, that as we strive to create vision out of desire, and make commitments and live them, that as we strive to take advantage of this new year, that we may commit not only to physical self-care, but to the care of our whole souls, and likewise, of all who grace our path. May we attend to intellectual challenge, emotional growth, the building of character, care of the soul, and the nurturance of the spiritual in our lives and the lives of those whose trajectory comes towards us. In this way, our calling may be realized, and others can be lifted up and blessed through our hearts and our hands. May we realize and seize the dawning of another day. Then, adversity can become challenge, and discouragement can be turned to hope. This is my hope and prayer for all of us, and for 2014.


Michael (Dr.B)

Michael E. Berrett, PhD

Psychologist, CEO, Co-founder

Center for Change, Orem, Utah


Did You Know?


Center for Change has a resource page dedicated to helping military service members and their dependents access their Tricare benefits for eating disorder treatment?  Center for Change is proud to be a certified Tricare provider, and honored to be of service to military families.




Happenings at Center for Change

Jan 2014 Dr B UHS

Center for Change was recently recognized as the Service Excellence Award winner for the UHS Behavioral Health Division.

This prestigious award is presented to one of the 197 behavioral health hospitals under the UHS umbrella.  The award program and celebration was held on Veteran’s Day, so portions of the event honored our military service men, women, and families who sacrifice so much in behalf of all Americans.  UHS leaders, Alan B. Miller and Debra K. Osteen presented the award to Dr. Michael E. Berrett, PhD, CEO, and Co-founder of Center for Change.  Dr. Berrett expressed gratitude to the Center for Change employees for their dedication to Service Excellence principles, and the warmth and kindness they demonstrate in their provision of excellent care to the girls and women who come to the Center for treatment.

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