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Michael E. Berrett, PhD

As a community of humankind, we have much to learn from Mother Nature. The seasonal change from Winter to Spring teaches useful metaphors for change, growth, recovery, renewal, and even “new life.” These lessons are here for the learning and blessing of us all.

Recently, as I walk along pathways and look over the countryside, and the mountainside, I see uncovered and matted grass, recently buried under the weight of winter snow. The matted grass, the barren plants, and the leafless trees, witness the wear and tear of the harshness of winter. I hope for Springtime, and I patiently wait. Finally, on my most recent walk, on a serene and peaceful morning, I see small green and pointed spires gently, but with determination, growing upward, towards sun and sky. Harshness takes rest, gray skies give way to blue, brown grass turns green, and new growth appears, and a new season, a new chapter, and a new life begins. There is a recovery, and with it the sprouting of possibilities.

Likewise, as I walk along the pathway of life, walking side by side with one, and then another, of my beloved family, friends, and clients – I see this same miracle of Spring available in my life, and in theirs. I am honored to walk with them through the Winter of their lives, and share, as best I can, in the pain, and fear, and strife of every kind. This is the matted and hard pressed grass – browned by Winters harshness. This is the broken branches of plants and trees, and the impact of the weather of life, on the human soul. As we walk, I see in them, what can be: passion, purpose, possibilities, and dreams. We share together faith, hope, and growth – with an eye willing to see the green spires, the tender sprouts, and the beginning of a new chapter, a new start, and even – a new life. This is the beauty and the hope of this season. This is the beauty and the hope life itself. Men and Women are capable of change of behavior, perception, attitude, and heart.

The Easter holiday, from both secular and religious perspective, prompts us to reflect on this special time of year. It is the time of anticipation, preparation, and high hopes. It is a time of the planting of ideas, intention, strategy, and fruition. It is the time to notice, witness, support, appreciate, honor, and even create, new life.

May we all walk a pathway, make choices, and orchestrate our lives towards renewal – a renewal which will bring something good into our lives, whether it be relationship with higher power, important others, or self.

In Springtime, miracles are witnessed which are beyond the reach of human influence. May we also, both appreciate and work to create, the miracles or renewal which come from having the wisdom and the courage to love well and extend ourselves in the interest of another, and may we learn to embrace the same. Let’s start again.

With love and highest hopes,

Michael, (Dr.B)


Michael E. Berrett, PhD

Psychologist, CEO, Co-founder

Center for Change, Orem, Utah


Did You Know?

Did you know that Center for Change treats medically complicated and medically compromised individuals?  We specialize in treating adolescent girls and adult women with eating disorders, including complex cases such as diabetes (“Diabulimia”), pregnancy, re-feeding risk (electrolyte imbalance), cardiac abnormalities, Celiac Disease, PEG tubes, etc.


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