Please note that this is an Archived article and may contain content that is out of date. The use of she/her/hers pronouns in some articles is not intended to be exclusionary. Eating disorders can affect people of all genders, ages, races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, body shapes, and weights.

Dear friends and colleagues,

As we begin to finalize our plans for our 2013 National Conference (watch for a “Save The Date” notice soon), I have been reflecting back to our 2012 conference and the incredible opportunity we all had to learn from each other and come away with renewed energy and commitment to help those souls who are suffering with an eating disorder. One thing we know about recovery is that we cannot do it alone. We need each other. We need the support of our families, our friends, and our colleagues — we need to learn how to ask for, and receive support – then we can better give the support which we have to offer. Below is a link to an article that outlines the importance of social support and offers suggestions for giving and receiving support. I hope it is helpful to you, not only in your efforts to help others, but also in your own personal journey along life’s pathway.

With gratitude,

Dr. B

Michael E. Berrett, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, CEO and Co-founder, Center for Change, Orem, Utah


Did You Know?

Center for Change has an on-site, accredited High School. Cascade Mountain High School is a private school licensed by the State of Utah, and has been accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission since 2004. The school boasts creativity, individualized education planning, and a high degree of integration between clinical treatment and academic education. Adolescents have the opportunity to make significant academic progress while they progress towards recovery from their emotional and behavioral difficulties.


Upcoming Events


IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) Spring Conference

May 2-5, 2012

Boston, MA
Look for our Admissions Director, Pam Kidd, at the Swap

ICED (International Conference on Eating Disorders)

May 3-5, 2012

Austin, TX
Say hello to Tamara Noyes, our Business Development Director, at our exhibit booth

School on Addictions & Behavioral Health Conference

May 7-9, 2012

Anchorage, AK
Melissa Taylor, LCSW, will be presenting and also look for Cassie Riddle at our exhibit booth

BFI Summit Annual Conference

June 7-9, 2012
Las Vegas, NV
Watch for Cassie Riddle at our exhibit booth


Where’s Jenni

EDCT Families Supporting Families Support Group

May 7, 2012

Nashville, TN

Center for Change Family Week

May 18, 2012

Orem, UT (not open to the public)

ANAD’s Largest Candlelight Vigil 2012

May 21, 2012

Naperville, IL

Canadian Mental Health Association Conference

June 8, 2012
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada