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This is an archived article.  Although much of the information contained within this article will likely still be relevant and helpful, there may be some content that is outdated or written by a former employee of Center for Change.

By: T. O. Paul Harper, PhD – Foundation for Change

Foundation for Change is a non-profit organization involved in helping families, friends, and the general public understand the powerful and negative impact eating disorders have on individual lives.

Over the course of the past year the Foundation has sponsored an art show which has been effective in illustrating this point. All of the art in the show was created during various stages of illness and recovery by women who have suffered with anorexia and bulimia. The art graphically illustrates the journey from despair and hopelessness to hope and healing.

The Foundation has collected over 100 pieces of art, including drawings, paintings, masks, and body images. The artists have donated their art in an effort to help curb the tide of eating disorders in the United States and Canada. The artists hope their work will cause those who may be at risk of developing an eating disorder to carefully consider how emotionally and physically damaging eating disorders are to those who are trapped in them.

The art was originally displayed in four galleries along the Wasatch front. As word of the show has spread, service organizations in different states are now requesting to show the art in other parts of the country. Most recently, the art was shown for two months in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, where it was on display in hospitals, schools, universities, and at a body image fair. Everywhere the art has been displayed, individuals have commented on its power and impact. “The art pieces are truly exquisite in their haunting beauty and in the pain they reveal.”

If you are interested in displaying the art show in your area or specific venue, and would like to discuss what is involved in obtaining and using the art, contact Paul Harper at Foundation for Change (801) 224-8277. While there is no charge for displaying the art, a refundable deposit and shipping charges will be required. To view samples of the art in color, visit our web