Please note that this is an Archived article and may contain content that is out of date. The use of she/her/hers pronouns in some articles is not intended to be exclusionary. Eating disorders can affect people of all genders, ages, races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, body shapes, and weights.

headshot.jpgIt is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Lynn Grefe, president and CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), and our friend.  Lynn had such a tremendous impact on the eating disorder community.  She was a tireless voice for those who suffer, and their families.  She had the heart of a lion and was a fierce advocate in the political and social arenas to gain access to fair and ethical treatment coverage for those in need.  She was a humble warrior who never took the credit she deserved.  We recently sent our congratulations to her on the “pro bono” full page ad she was able to get placed in Time Magazine.  Her reply: “Thanks…but this field is what’s really amazing, lots of passionate dedicated people.”  This is just one of many examples of her humble service.

Lynn Grefe changed the world for the better.  We feel blessed to have known her, to have worked alongside Lynn and others in the fight against eating disorders, and mostly to have been her friend.

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to Lynn’s family members, friends, and colleagues during this difficult time.  May each one experience some peace and comfort as Lynn’s incredible life is honored.

With love and profound gratitude,
Michael E. Berrett, PhD
CEO, Co-Founder
Center for Change

Tamara Noyes
Director of Business Development

Nicole Hawkins, PhD
Director of Clinical Services

Pam Kidd
Admissions Director

Norman Kim, PhD
National Director of Program Development

Nikki Rollo, PhD
National Director of Program Development