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by Quinn Nystrom

In a world that is constantly moving at such a quick pace, with things always thrown your way and a to-do list that never seems to end, how do we take time to relax and recharge? The National Holiday Authority must know that we all need a little help in this department, so they have marked August 15 as National Relaxation Day.

Here are 15 ways that work for me to relax:

1. Put on my favorite playlist on YouTube and go for a scenic walk

2. Read a magazine

3. Write in my 5-minute Gratitude Journal

4. Schedule a Face-time call with an old friend

5. Take an exercise class that I enjoy

6. Make a cup of coffee and sit on the front porch (with no electronics!)

7. Before bedtime, I do nightly prayers of what I need to give up to my Higher Power and what I am grateful for that day

8. Take a hot bath and pick my favorite bath bomb (no electronics!)

9. Have our 7-year-old read to me

10. Go to our local library and browse the books

11. Do diamond art or something else art-related

12. Read a good book

13. Attend a free outdoor concert

14. Listen to a Sleep Story (I love the Calm app)

15. Watch Funny Baby/Animal videos on YouTube with my kids

What works for me may not work for you, but the important thing is to find a couple of things that can be your go-to when you feel overwhelmed, tired, and need a break. A 4th grader from Iowa, Sean Moeller, founded National Relaxation Day. What a wise kid to know that stress can harm us mentally and physically. We must intentionally find ways to relax to strive for overall wellness.