The Center’s holistic approach includes helping patients use their own spiritual beliefs to aid them in their eating disorder recovery. While the Center is a rigorous medical and clinical program, we recognize and honor the truth that spirituality is an important part of recovery and, therefore, an important part of eating disorder treatment. Our non-denominational approach is designed for individuals of various religious faiths or spiritual frameworks and provides a safe environment for spiritual self-awareness, spiritual renewal and spiritual support.

Center for Change offers semi-weekly 12-Step groups that utilize traditional 12-Step principles designed and adapted specifically for those suffering with an eating disorder.

The Center also offers a research-based, non-denominational spirituality group which emphasizes clients’ use of their own spiritual beliefs to aid them in their recovery. Additionally, yoga is an experiential and spiritual approach offered in the program.

Through the therapeutic process, each client has the opportunity to explore and reconnect with their beliefs and look at the role of spirituality in healing. Beginning with the initial assessment, the clinical staff make efforts to understand the spiritual framework of each client. All beliefs are approached without prejudice or judgment, and are treated within a framework of respect. Through one-on-one interaction with their primary therapist, the client can explore ways to reconnect to spiritual pathways that may have been left behind in the development of the eating disorder illness.

While the spirituality component in the Center for Change program is only a part of a holistic and rigorous medical and clinical eating disorder treatment program, it is thoughtfully and respectfully provided in an atmosphere which gives clients permission to be honest and true to their religious and/or spiritual ideals.