Heather  Dangerfield DNP, PMHNP

Heather graduated with a BS in Psychology and a BSN from Westminster College and even before beginning her journey into a clinical career she knew her true passion would be helping those with mental health disorders. While pursuing her dreams, she became certified in Level 1 Reiki, and as a SANE knowing those skills would help her treat an even greater magnitude of disorders and a variety of mental health specialties, however, through her experience with clients she became particularly passionate toward eating disorders.

As a result, she began furthering her education at the University of Utah, School of Nursing to follow her dream of becoming a Nurse Practitioner. During this time, she worked for five years as a nurse on an acute adult inpatient mental health unit and spent two years working in the outpatient mental health clinic as a Nurse Practitioner Trainee at the VA.

Heather received her DNP in Psychiatric/Mental Health from the University of Utah in 2018, and now has 14 years of experience working in mental health including both adolescent and adult acute inpatient and residential units. She is passionate about the holistic approach CFC offers to treat the symptoms and underlying causes of eating disorders, and her attention to detail for each patient allows her to have the utmost compassion and care on an individual basis, because she understands each patient has unique needs and requires an individualized treatment plan and care.