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July 1, 1996 -July 1, 2006
On July 13, 2006 we celebrated the 10-Year anniversary of Center for Change with a summer party, gifts of gratitude to every employee, Long Term Service and Exemplary Service Awards given to employees.

In Honor of all our wonderful employees: 

On the 10th Anniversary of Center for Change, we wanted to give you a gift that would symbolize the work you do at the Center.

You have truly been an ‘Angel of Hope.’

You have held out that light of hope to hundreds of women who have come to the Center in so much pain and who were desperate for recovery form their eating disorders. In your light and love, they have had the courage needed to heal and recover.

Thank YOU for your on-going contributions to Center for Change as we celebrate this Anniversary!

Michael E. Berrett, CEO
Randy K. Hardman, COO
Jeffrey W. Anderson, CFO



The twenty-one recipients of the long-term service awards are:

The long-term recipients are listed in descending order beginning with those with longest length of service at Center For Change (10 years of service), ending with those with more than 6 years of service. These CFC employees have given strength, stability and years of service to the Center and it patients.

Drew E., Denise S., Shawna L., Lynn N., Farah S., Joanna H., Jen A., Whitnee R., Paul H., Bob C., Lynette T., Rita W., Toni D., LoRene H., Kathy D., Pam K., Nicole H., Bev G., Duani R., Penny F., and Steve B.

We recognize and are grateful for their longevity, endurance, dedication, and loyalty as shown by their extensive time at Center for Change.

The following employees were nominated by their peers as candidates for the Exemplary Service Award.

We recognize the following nominees as exemplary employees. To recognize their excellence, we have included just a sentence or two-a direct quote from the person(s) who made nominations. We hope you enjoy reading specifics about these employees as much as we did. Some of the comments are as follows:

Tessa F: “Tessa has trained almost everyone and started our experiences as Care Techs in such a positive way.” “Tessa is fair, compassionate, and very wise!”

Duani R: “Duani works extremely hard on the unit and takes ‘new’ techs under her wing.” “She is always helping everyone out-whether it’s a patient or a staff member.” “She helps the techs to be kind and consistent with the rules.” “The patients love her!”

Bob C: “I have never seen an HR department run more efficiently or with more compassion than here at CFC.” “Bob is a detail person-nothing is ever left undone or not explained thoroughly.” His sense of humor is a delight to all! As one staff member said, “HE’S THE MAN!!!”

LoRene H: “She is honest, trustworthy, compassionate, and full of integrity.” “She is an example to all here at CFC.” “She always represents the Center in a professional manner-very friendly and willing to help.” “Works long, hard hours.”

Toni D: Toni had many letters of praise, but this comment summed everything up: “Toni has represented constancy amid never-ending change. She has worked tirelessly for the benefit of the Center, even though times which have been personally disheartening.” “Her heart is so much what the Center is all about!” “Toni has worked her BUNS off!”

Shelly H: “She is always helpful and friendly.” “She goes out of her way to help others.” “Always as a smile on her face!” “She is organized and very efficient!”

Gay J: Gay is another person who had multiple letters of praise! “She always goes the extra mile.” “She is always cheerful and willing to help others-even if it means she has to stay late to get her own work done.” “I have never heard her speak an unkind word about anyone.” “She has been the birthday cake supplier for several years-and at her own expense!” “She is a wonderful example of someone who helps CFC to run smoothly”

Elayne M: “Elayne is dedicated to the school and to the Center.” “She truly cares about the girls and the school program.” “She is professional and has a wonderful attitude in how she manages the school, works with teachers, students, and parents.” “She is humble and compassionate.” “She wears many hats!”

Jeff A: “Jeff has been training me to do payroll. When you are a ‘numbers’ person payroll is not hard to learn-however, I haven’t been. I was very apprehensive about learning this new skill. Jeff has exhibited the patience of Job and has been a wonderful instructor.”

Farah S: “Over the many years…I can think of no time when Farah has not demonstrated exceptional productivity and willingness to do whatever is asked of her.” “She has a great work ethic and is dedicated to the Center.”

Jen A: “Very hardworking- always goes the extra mile for good patient care.” “She is the first to volunteer when other therapists need coverage!” “She respects her patients and takes her role of ‘therapist’ very seriously.”

Kathy D: “Kathy provides the girls and us with a variety of delicious foods.” “She is a hard worker!” “Don’t know how the kitchen would operate without her!”

Becky M: “Becky is very good to the patients and very helpful to new employees!”

Pam K: “Pam puts everyone’s needs before her own.” “She exuberates her belief in the Center and has such passion for it.” “She truly cares about everyone.” “Has a great knowledge of the Center.”

Lorna B: “Lorna is always in a very pleasant mood-willing to help with a smile on her face.” “She is thoughtful and kind-always willing to say ‘hi’ no matter what she is doing.” “She is great addition to CFC!”

Penny F: “Penny always goes the extra mile to help others.” “She is funny and enthusiastic on the unit!” “When she is working, everything is always spic and span!” “Very caring toward the patients.”

Rita W: “Rita has worked in many capacities at the Center.” “She is passionate about wanting to help women in recovery.” “She is organized, dedicated, and gives 100% to whatever she does.”

Alice C: “Alice goes the extra mile by teaching creative-living classes, implementing new programs, going on social therapy passes, and always willing to do more than is in her job description.”

Shelby S: “Shelby is an amazing leader.” “A great example of what a care tech should be and of what a great manager should be. “She makes me feel welcome, liked, and appreciated.”

Greg Ellis: “An excellent doctor, a friend, and promoter of the Center.” “Best psychiatrist I have seen.” “He goes the extra mile.” “Puts his life on hold to care for patient and fight for insurance benefits.” “His wisdom is a blessing to the team!”

Amy Jo V: “Amy is always willing to help and is dedicated to the girls when they are in need.” “Never complains when asked to do things by any staff member.” “She’s great!!”



THE EXEMPLARY SERVICE AWARD RECIPIENTS The Exemplary Service Award nomination process resulted in 41 total nominations for 22 different employees. Each nominee received between 1 and 6 nominations. Although the nominees are each exemplary in many ways, we chose out of the pool a pre-set number of “8” to receive the Exemplary Service Award.

Many factors were included in consideration for the Award, including:

1. Length of service at Center for Change
2. Number of nominations each nominee received
3. Depth and breadth of expressed reason for choice
4. Solicited feed-back from employees and managers Despite the difficulty in choosing exemplary excellence out of ‘a pool of excellence,’ final decisions were made by the executive committee.

The 2006 Exemplary Service Award Recipients are: 
Gay J., Farah S., Toni D., Tessa F., Jen A., Kathy D., Shelby S., and Susan S.

We honor them for their good works and example of service and leadership!