Kristin Bennion, LCSW

Kristin began working for Center for Change in 2008 as a care tech while earning her master’s degree in clinical social work from Brigham Young University. She developed a significant passion for the treatment of eating disorders, fostering the desire to return one day in the role of a therapist. Today, she works with all levels of care, providing individual, family, and group therapy.

Before joining Center for Change, she received a B.A. degree in international social work from Brigham Young University – Hawaii with a special focus on women’s issues from around the globe. She also gained experience working as a case manager for a domestic violence shelter, serving on a homeless provider committee in Salt Lake City, and volunteering at the Rape Recovery Center through its crisis line and hospital response team.

She is also working toward becoming a certified sex therapist through AASECT with expertise on such topics as women’s sexuality, sexual desire concerns, painful intercourse, arousal/orgasm concerns, enhancement of the sexual experience, sex education, relationship counseling, and other related topics.

When not working, Kristin loves more than anything to travel, read, sing, and spend time with her friends and family.

Clinical focus:
Eating Disorders
Body Image
Sexual issues