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An Open Letter


The owners and directors of Center for Change are writing this open letter to anyone who has come to this resource to find information about Center for Change. We want to tell you first hand about this place of hope and healing. We are personally dedicated to the care and recovery of every person who comes here. We as owners also provide direct care to patients every day and are members of the multidisciplinary treatment team at Center for Change. Our being involved in every aspect of the treatment program is one of many things that makes Center for Change a unique place.

Six years ago when we opened Center for Change we promised each other that we would put therapeutic integrity and quality of care ahead of any other consideration. That promise has been kept. We have surrounded ourselves with a dedicated, loving, and talented staff. Every member of the treatment team has personal concern and therapeutic contact with every patient, and we help each other provide the support and intensive clinical involvement needed for each patient's recovery. In addition, our daily rate for this specialized inpatient treatment for anorexia and bulimia is among the lowest in the nation.

Center for Change has sixty-one staff members who are completely invested in the holistic care, treatment, recovery, and success of every one of our sixteen patients. The ratio of nearly four staff to every one patient is unheard of in today's competitive market. Over the years, we have found that this level of care has been of great benefit to our patients.

Every effort has been taken to be innovative in our approach to recovery. Our dietitians started utilizing the intuitive eating nutritional approach before it became popular. We have developed a comprehensive research focus at the Center with a fully staffed research team on site to study and find ways to improve treatment and contribute knowledge and information to the field. A broad and nondenominational spiritual approach to recovery that compliments the psychological, medical, nutritional, and experiential components of our inpatient program has been created. We have recently initiated a five-year follow-up plan in our aftercare program for every patient who has been treated at Center for Change to ensure continuation and support in their recovery. Members of our staff have spent hundreds of hours every year in public service/education presentations in high schools, universities, community and church groups throughout the state of Utah and in other western states, and they have also provided specialty eating disorder training to professionals. We are committed to the treatment of eating disorders but also want to do our part to provide public service, promote community awareness, and prevent these disorders. The creative interventions, educational and training efforts, research, and long-term follow-up are glimpses into our commitment to this cause.

Center for Change has a unique feeling which is difficult to describe, yet it is easy to feel while you are here. We treat eating disorders with aggressiveness while at the same time treating people with love, kindness, and respect. Our staff provides strong role models for change but they also provide empathy and compassion for each patient's struggles and challenges in their recovery. Our highest source of new referrals to our programs at the Center has always been former patients and their families, which reflects a positive experience at Center for Change.

In short, in this important cause, our commitment to helping those needing recovery from eating disorders has only grown stronger over the years. We love our staff and we love each patient who comes to Center for Change seeking hope, healing, and recovery from the terrible suffering of anorexia and bulimia. We want you to know on a personal level what we believe, how we feel about Center for Change, and what makes this a unique and special place.