Families & Friends

how to help a friend with an eating disorderWhen you realize someone you love may be struggling with an eating disorder, it can be very frightening.  Most people wonder what they can do to help a friend with an eating disorder. If you really want to know how to help someone with an eating disorder, you need to get them professional help. Even though you may find it difficult to understand, your loved one finds security in their eating disorder.  To its victims, the illness is a powerful and misguided coping mechanism. But with the proper treatment, enough time to heal, and love and support, you can look forward with hope to a day when your loved one will likely be able to break the stranglehold of this illness.  You can play a critically important role in the recovery process.

You can play a critically important role in helping a friend with an eating disorder and their recovery process. The best thing to do is give them support and encourage them to get help. Knowledge-based appropriate actions and support can be a tremendous source of strength and comfort to your loved one.  There is hope and recovery is attainable!

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“The center saved my daughters life and gave her the chance to live the life she deserves. She has so many tools to use. I will be forever grateful to all of you for giving my daughter back to me!” -Mother of a Former Patient