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Patients are asked to complete a comprehensive patient satisfaction survey when they complete their treatment at Center For Change.

CFC Alumni
Dedicated area for encouragement and support of alumni of Center for Change.



Education at Center for Change 
The Center's Education Program comprises of three components. A High School Academic Program, an Adult Education Program and a therapeutic Life Skills Curriculum.

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Center for Change offers several different levels of care.

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Tuesday Tip for Professionals

Tuesday Tip for professionals treating adolescents: Involve the family system. It is important to involve families wherever possible, since they are the primary support system for adolescents.


Spirituality in Eating Disorder Treatment

The Center offers a research-based, non-denominational spirituality group which focuses on self-evaluation, balance and purpose. Click here to learn more: http://centerforchange.com/about-center/spirituality

Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Replace the time you spend criticizing your appearance with more positive, satisfying pursuits.


Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Need more structure during the week? Our Evening Program (IOP) allows clients to receive accelerated treatment for their eating disorder, while still participating in their daily responsibilities such as work or school. Click here to learn more: http://centerforchange.com/friends-family-you/programs/outpatient-program/evening-intensive

Friday Positive Affirmation

I am important.


Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip for Family and Friends: Be a good example with food and when discussing food or weight-related issues and remember you can set an example without lecturing or making a production of it.


Friday Positive Affirmation

Positive Affirmation: I can choose to eat whatever I want.


New Resource List

Looking for helpful resources? Check out our updated list here: http://centerforchange.com/friends-family-you/resources

Hope Starts Here

We understand the toll eating disorders can take on you and your loved ones. The depression, fear, and isolation can be devastating and overwhelming. Sometimes you think it will never get any better. But it will. Hope starts here.


Friday Positive Affirmation

It is natural for me to feel anxiety about letting go of everything I have learned about dieting, but I will continue to strive to be an intuitive eater.