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Patients are asked to complete a comprehensive patient satisfaction survey when they complete their treatment at Center For Change.

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The Center's Education Program comprises of three components. A High School Academic Program, an Adult Education Program and a therapeutic Life Skills Curriculum.

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Social Support: The Cradle for Growth and Recovery with Eating Disorders

It was 1970. I learned at a young adolescent age to appreciate the value of support. I remember well my teacher, Mr. Monson, and his tall lanky frame, his worn black flood pants, his shortsleeved white shirt and black tie. I remember most his gentle kindness to a longhaired, tuned-out, and lost soul – an unlikely recipient.

Suggestions to Help Anyone with an Eating Disorder

These suggestions and ideas come from women at Center for Change who are currently engaged in treatment for an eating disorder and are at various stages in their own recovery:

A Clear Look at Center for Change

When a family member is suffering with the unrelenting effects of an eating disorder and all the rest of the problems that come with that illness—depression, anxiety, self-contempt, social fears, medical complications, etc., you are in a place that you may have never been in before in your life. You are filled with constant worry about her welfare and you want to know what would be the best treatment for your family member. You will desire in your heart to find the best type of treatment for her that will help her have a full recovery from the eating disorder.

Tamagotchi and Eating Disorder Treatment

Did you know that by playing an electronic game you could learn about life? One of the hottest holiday items this year is the Tamagotchi electronic pet. If you haven’t heard of a Tamagotchi, it is simply a hand held, LCD screen with attitude. It has real life demands such as needing to be fed, cleaned up after, played with, rested and to be socially connected to other Tamagotchi pets.

Team Up for Teens: Guidelines for Treating Adolescents with Eating Disorders

When approaching the important and humbling task of treating teenagers with eating disorders, it is important to understand:

The Compulsive Eating Program

FOR A MORE FULFILLED LIFE "Hunger comes in many varieties and each requires the proper kind of nourishment to be satisfied. Trying to fill emotional hunger, or a hunger of the soul with food will never leave one feeling satisfied despite one’s best efforts to do so. Rather, we can learn to feast from the many different banquets offered in life."

The Neglected Addiction: Binge Eating

Mary is 47, lonely, socially phobic about relationships, and weighs 525 lbs. She is constantly dieting, having tried numerous diet plans. She is obsessed with thoughts of food. She reports hearing a voice in the back of her mind that continually tells her to eat. When she is not dieting she feels compelled to eat large amounts of food daily, and has done so for as long as she can remember.

Therapy Insights in Treating Binge Eating Disorder

enter for Change is committed to ongoing research with eating disorders to enhance the awareness and treatment of this population and our clientele. Last year we became part of a research team on Binge Eating Disorder (BED). Generally this disorder has been included in the diagnosis of Eating Disorder, NOS.

Towards an Understanding of Self-Esteem and Eating Disorders

During a session with a client who has long suffered with an eating disorder I was discussing what it would be like if she could feel positive about herself. I was shocked with the response she gave me. Instead of reporting a desire to feel better about herself, this client laughed at me and retorted, "Self-esteem is laughable to me.

Treatment Cost Analysis: One Patient's Experience

As the cost of health care increases, therapists, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare related companies are struggling with justifying costs and keeping expenses to a minimum. Inpatient treatment of mental conditions is hard to justify.